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P.SEN TCP/UDP Network Test Utility

For Windows and Linux



P.SEN is a utility to allow sending and receiving TCP and UDP packets and  is available for Windows and Linux. It’s designed to be very easy to use while still providing enough features for power users to do what they need.  It is completely free (no ads / no bundleware) and opensource. Some knowledge of a basic network protocols is a prerequisite to using it. Beyond that, P.SEN was designed to be very easy to use.

Documentation (GUI version)

P.SEN is identical for all the desktop versions. The only difference is its theme to match the operating system.

  • In the bottom right, there are UDP server and TCP server status and port. You can click to activate or deactivate these.
  • In the table, there is a list of saved packets.
  • The table values ​​can be filtered on any field.
  • A packet has a name, destination address (domains will trigger an IP lookup), port, and data associated with it.
  • Click “Send” to immediately send. Click “Save” to send later.
  • P.SEN supports mixed ASCII and HEX notation
  • You may save a packet directly from the traffic log. You will be prompted for a name, and the source address and port will be switched for your convenience.
  • An optional response can be sent (on a different port and ip, if desired). The same response is used for TCP and UDP.

Documentation (Console version)

P.SEN offers a lightweight version for Windows and Linux console. The executable is psencon (.exe for Windows).

The command line system in P.SEN Console follows the same pattern as other Linux utilities. It has a long name (such as –version) and a short name (such as -v). These options can be arranged in any order and P.SEN Console will parse them correctly.

If you start to P.SEN Console without parameters:

PSenCon - TCP/UDP Network test console utility
Usage: psencon.exe [options]

 -h, --help                    Display this help.
 -v, --version                 Display version information
 -q, --quiet                   Quiet mode. Show only received data.
 -A, --ASCII                   Send data as pure ASCII (Default).
 -x, --hex                     Send data as hex.
 -t, --tcp                     Use tcp procotol (Default).
 -u, --udp                     Use udp procotol.
 -b, --bind <port>             Bind port (For received packets).
 -w, --wait <milliseconds>     Wait up to <millisecs> for a response.
 -a, --address <address>       Destination address.
 -p, --port <port>             Destination port.
 -d, --data <data>             Data to send.

PSenCon by Calogiuri Enzo Antonio
(c) 2014 Ancestor Software


psencon -w 500 -a -p 55009 -d PSenConTest

PSenCon - TCP/UDP Network test console utility
TCP (56098):// PSenConTest
Receive TCP response
From IP: Port:56099 P.SEN=OK 50 2e 53 45 4e 3d 4f 4b


Change Log

  • 2014/10/04
    Public release of console and desktop version.